Third Party Products

The OdaLog® is designed to be corrosion-resistant, robust and able to log data for extended periods of time.
With intrinsically safe, wireless data logging, low range detection and multi-gas monitoring options, there is an Odalog® solution to meet any Hydrogen Sulphide monitoring needs.

Low Range Sampling System

The LRSS-2 is a short-term, portable sampling system used to facilitate data collection from odor control systems. The system works with one PPM and one low range OdaLog, two ppm OdaLogs, or two low range OdaLogs, as determined by the expected H2S gas concentration levels. Two external mo[...]


DiCom Perimeter Monitor

The DI-COM is a single point continuous H2S perimeter monitor designed for monitoring and recording low level ambient H2S emissions. Housed within a NEMA 4X weatherproof enclosure, the monitor used advanced OdaLog technology to measure H2S gas concentrations from 5 p[...]


Sycamore Continuous Emission Monitors

The Sycamore CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitor) is a flexible Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitoring System with full sampling capability. The CEM is a sophisticated system is configurable as a single, dual or three-point monitoring system and can be used to monitor the inlet, intermediate stage and outlet[...]


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Gas Dilution System (GDS)

The Gas Dilution System (GDS) is an easy to use electronic device designed to take a known calibration gas or gas sample and dilute it to lower concentrations. The diluted gas outp [...]

Dry Dock

The OdaLog Dry Dock reduces recovery time for the OdaLog L2 by half. OdaLog gas sensors absorb moisture at the same rate of recovery. The calculation for how long to 'dry' excess m [...]

OdaTrak 4-20mA adapter

The OdaTrak™ 4 to 20mA adapter was primarily designed as an interface between the OdaLog® gas Logger and industrial control systems for the purpose of continuous, real-time opti [...]

7000 MkII

The OdaLog® 7000 MkII multi-gas unit is based on the proven OdaLog® Logger design and had been designed to be a single gas monitor, or to monitor up to 6 gases depending on the c [...]